Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ramblings (watch out Grammar Nazis!).

After less than a month at a well-known Korean ad agency, I finally left them to join another ad agency that’s located near my home. And in two weeks time, they will be moving to a new building, a building that’s located next to my condo! How cool is that? I don’t have to spend a lot on fuel and toll. Is it a dream job? I don’t know if it is. 

I’ve always wanted to work near my crib. My worry is that in 2 years time, I’ll be moving to Kajang; because I bought a property with my fiancé. It is a freehold landed property, double-storey terrace and a guarded community. Created by Tropicana Heights (or formely known as Dijaya Holdings), this is the latest development by the stellar developer. I like my life right now. I feel like I have it all. 

I have a Macbook Pro (courtesy of my office), my very own home, a work place that is near to my place, a wedding on the way, my Indonesian brother, who is here in Malaysia, and a wonderful fiancé. I know. I know. I’m blessed, and I will not take this for granted. I thank the almighty Allah S.W.T. He is the only one that can take it all away. And he can give more. He’s generous and he is fair. So I thank him and all the people that have helped me to get here. 

It is what I want. But all of this is not luck. It took hard work, and a little bit of networking helps. To be honest when I wanted to try out this current ad agency, the Managing Director already knew me. In fact we met 2 years ago when I was in my previous agency. She wanted me to meet up with the previous Executive Creative Director. And the meet was very pleasant. Although I told the MD that I’d join her after a year, I didn’t expect to join her three years later!  

My grammar still sucks and I know that for sure. After all I’m no Neil French or David Abbot. I don’t have a book waiting to be written. I’m a true blue ideas guy. Always have been and always will be. Think Dave Droga and Jonathan Kneebone. Come to think of it, I think I have talked about this once. 

This is dejavu. Shit. I guess I’m running out of shit to write. See, I told you. I’m like Chuck Palahniuk. I rather write things that are fast and easy to digest. Like a digestive biscuit that is screaming for mercy before the acid in my stomach burns the fucker. Yes, melt away you little processed cretin made from sugar and flour. Assimilate yourself with the fat on the walls of my stomach. Stay and forever drown in the putrid lipids. There is no exit for you. 

I didn’t know my MD stayed at my place, Metropolitan Square Condo. Didn’t I mention this earlier? Fuck déjà vu all over again! I’m just spitting and barfing a chunk of dejavu all over the place. It’s like FREE Déjà vu day. And I don’t give a rat’s ass. Buy 1 free 1 dejavu. Come one and come all. There is no stopping. That’s it. I need to play some Helios. A little light song for this office that resides within ikea. 

It’s raining now and I feel like I’m in Europe. Hmm, Europe. A place, a country that I would love to work in. Besides Japan. Oh my god that would be the ultimate dream. To work in Japan and just chill there until the day I retire. I really don’t mind. I will always make Japan my number one country. It is clean, disciplined, modern, traditional and everything in it. It is as though Japan is the mother ship and I’m being called home. A place to call home. I don’t mind denouncing my citizenship and be a Japanese. A Malaysian Japanese. A MaJap. A JaPam. 

Wait, what’s happening here? Why am I coming up with weird terms and such? And on that note, I’ve been writing nothing but gibberish. Break open a skull and destroy the stuff inside. Mash it up with potatoes and mix it with brown sauce. If you are drooling right now, well hello there Dr. Hannibal! Son of a bitch, this guy is looking so weird. I wonder if Eddy ever thought he would be working for an awesome ad agency, a multinational nonetheless. 

This is the beauty of it all. The creatives are sharpening their tools, as they get ready to go into battle. Helmi the Digital Master looks on the battlefield. Thinking and strategizing. Eddy the Word Strategist discusses his next move with a lowly intern or servicing. Ken Lee the Grand General is frowning upon his tactics.  The Word Wizard Justine mulls over the fact that her Kitty Powers have foiled. Faraj the Warrior cuts the unwanted plans in order to find the real idea underneath it all. The printer prints copious amount of cool wonders in order to defend against the EVIL Clients. This is it. This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for. Witness the final battle plan the great and powerful Rae, Warlord of the Words and Master of the Text. Everyone gasps and looks on as Rae unveils the greatest plan of all and the greatest. This is it. Can Rae make a difference? The West Suit Army is making a move and heading towards the land of the creative. This is it. Will this make a change? Will the tides turn? Or will the idle mind decides to wake up from its deep slumber? Don’t despair. There is no chance in hell that the darkness will cover the world. Hits after hits will be the death of it all. 

Oh no. Where is it? Where is my mind? We don’t know but I do know for sure that this article is full of gibberish and grammatical mistakes. Loads of it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

There's nothing to fear.

I pasted a little poster in front of me and it says "PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE FEARS" in red bold capital letters. When I pasted this mantra up, I thought it was a cool line. But that was then, and now I find myself thinking how vital this line is to my current situation.

I don't take shit from people unless they are polite. Yes, if you want to give me shit and make me scared, you are dead wrong on me giving in to your whims. Because I DON'T EAT FEARS!


Then I see my MD walking by looking a bit constipated. My eyes immediately darted to my laptop. Making sure that I look busy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Oddly enough, clients can be nice.

I take it back.
The client that I hated the most is actually, quite the ok person.
I guess she needed some time.
Oh well.
I guess I have to remember.
Underneath all that screaming, and rudeness, she is still a human being.

So the AHOLE of THE YEAR AWARD will be taken back.

Due to technical difficulties.

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The A-HOLE client of the year goes to....

Ms. S*** L*** from Telekom Malaysia. 

The choice was unanimous. We didn't expect that a rancid, lower-than -life-louse, putrid-filled, douchenozzle, cunt, brain dead, sneaky, dirty, virile, monster could win this year's A-HOLE Award 2014 (for the month of July). 

With her capability to showcase her mini sized brain, and hairy dark ass of a sloth, she destroyed, nay, pulverised the competition! 

Congrats again Ms. S*** L***. We look forward to seeing whether you can remain the A-HOLE Champion for the following year. 


Thursday, July 03, 2014

It's been awhile...and I'm a husband.

Well, it's been a long time since I've written anything. Busy would be an understatement, but that is the truth of the  matter. Ever since I got married and a new job, life has been nothing but a series of interesting moments.

While I have made peace with myself as a bonafide player, I do find myself an irresistible piece of chocolate to the single ladies. Must be the fact that I'm wearing a ring on my left index finger.

Funny thing is, while I do enjoy the undeserving attention from these fine ladies, I'm not attracted to them at all.  I guess the title of the husband do carry weight.

Remember that husbands. Having that title does not mean you have the license to be a douchey-cheating-little nigga.

Guess the next stage, or achievement for me to unlock, is to level up to a new title - father.

Monday, April 28, 2014

On pussy on the chainwax, a new work place and leadership.

Ladies and gents, the wonderful Rae has left Naga DDB officially and onto greener pastures. Or bluer pastures. At least that's the brand's colour when I joined Lowe Malaysia (baby blue to be exact).

My first impression upon joining this agency? It feels like home. I know the people here. Most of them. And the best part of it all, IT'S SUPER CLOSE TO MY HOME! I literally can moonwalk my way to the office (the new office that is).

Things are still a little shaky at the new workplace, but this too shall pass. As a Senior Copywriter, my responsibilities just went up a notch.

So at the age of 32, I'm a Senior Copywriter and I have shitloads of heavy tasks ahead of me. This I must learn how to tackle one by one.

As a senior creative, I realized I need to step up the leadership scale. Not by choice. And I'm not a natural born leader like my brother, Morian Madjid. To be honest, I don't want to be a leader. I want to be the doer.

But deep down, I do want to try it out; to be a leader.

InsyaAllah, by the time I reach 33 or 34, I'll be good enough to hold the post of a Creative Group Head at Lowe Malaysia. Or somewhere else.

Before I end this article, do check out Key and Peele's sketch titled 'Pussy on the Chainwax'. It's de-lirious!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Flawed thinking.

I've always thought that when I went to an International school, my thinking would be somewhat upgraded. In fact, it gave me a boost in confidence; knowing that I'm wise and intelligent.

This naive and flawed perception of mine took me all the way to college and crashed miserably when I entered the working world. It was then I realised that I was just a chump. Other people had better thinking skills and with clarity. For the next miserable years, I was depressed and vowed to improve that.

I bought books after books to change this. And it was a slow and painful process. I was slow in the brain. I thought maybe my brain was not meant to be any smarter. Maybe I refused to re-learn and accept the fact that I was just lazy as well.

Thankfully, my ego saved me.

Yep, you heard me right. My EGO. If it weren't for my ego, I would've sunken into the deep end of stupidity. Forever lost in Dunce Island. Doomed to be a dumb ass. Cursed of a cretin. The Prince of Louse. Impeding fate as an idiot. Well, you get the picture. It would've sucked to be stupid.

It has been a tough journey and I'm still learning, still improving, still enhancing, still going. I don't intend to stop because now the stakes are even higher. I need to be one step ahead of my self and every one else in order to be a provider to my future wife. A provider to my future kids. The sole breadwinner. Yes, the stakes are higher and I am scared. I am scared that I might fail. In fact, failure is not an option. If I must fail, I should fail gloriously. Or rise up until I can no longer see that failure or until it towers over my failure. In a nutshell, my failure must be perceived as an achievement to others.

(It's 2.35am and I'm writing)

I still think my thinking is not good enough. And that's not because I want to impress people. It's because I want to make sure that my thinking is top notch without my degree or diploma (although I do intend to get one, one day. Just for the sake of formalities).

Thanks EGO, you saved me. And thank you FEAR for keeping me on my toes. Last but not least to God, for giving me a brain.