Thursday, November 08, 2012

The man from J.E.S.U.S

It was a fine day at Japan Ecological Science Under Sea or short for J.E.S.U.S. A man waited anxiously in the lobby. His mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and the only thing that he can think of was God. He thanked GOD for getting him into J.E.S.U.S because it was really tough to get in. Only the selected few are allowed to be here.

This man was Adam. A young graduate from Cranbrook University of National Technology or C.U.N.T. When he took his chances with C.U.N.T, he knew he was getting himself a little bit too deep. Everything was new for him and he didn't know the future was going to take him here, in J.E.S.U.S's headquarter.

Suddenly, Adam was taken aback by the president of J.E.S.U.S. He was tall and had a well-built body. Not only that, he emanated a bright energy. An energy that was almost heavenly - something that most employees had working under J.E.S.U.S.

Adam was happy to see him. "My name is Donald, Donald Eldard Van Ivan Lothario. But you can call me Don" said the man. His handshake was firm and he knew this was the real deal. Donald showed him around the office and introduced him to some of the key staff at J.E.S.U.S.

"Gee, whillikers Donald. How many people are working at J.E.S.U.S?"

"20,000 people. And that's only in the States, son." Adam was surprised by Donald's answer.  He was in the big pond; surrounded by the big fishes and piranhas.

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