Thursday, January 31, 2013

Signs that your career is getting nowhere.


That's the first sign. In fact, one of the most important signs of all. When you have time to facebook, the job requests are not coming in, you can transfer songs into your ipod, do online shopping, go for late lunches, not in meetings, not brain storming, read a book or two, watch youtube videos and feeling jaded - then your career is not going anywhere.

It happens to most creatives in the advertising industry. And when this happens, coming in the office is just a chore. As soon as the clock strikes 6pm, it's time to go home and play video games, surf a bit more or watch a DVD. Your brain remains unchallenged. Your idea generation starts to deteriorate.

Yes, complacent is the creatives' silent killer.

Forget the Executive Creative Director, Creative Director or heck, even a Senior Creative. You'll never be able to achieve this once complacency sets in.

In fact, the great Leo Burnett once had something to say about complacency. Wish I remembered it.

So maybe it is the end for you when your career is not going anywhere.

However, it could be a start of something great for you in the long run. Because when a door closes, another opens.


A, is for Anomaly said...

Dont stop half way! You're like coming into the important part and then decided to end the post!Raaagh!

Sheikh Azraai said...

Hahaha, will start the continuation post soon.