Sunday, March 24, 2013

There it is again.

He stared at his laptop for the longest time. Hoping for the moment to arrive. With all the strength he mustered, he googled for Francis Bacon. And tons of piglets flew over his brain. Passing by like the dust in the wind. "That's cheesy!" He scorned silently. To be able to steal Elton's famous line so subtly was an art that he attained after years of trying to be cheesy. Five minutes had passed and still the moment was not there. But hope came in knocking like a cowboy, strutting her voluptuous moves like Jagger. "Crap, that's cheesy!" Again he scorned at himself silently. That's already two in the row. "Now if only I can make it to three." The number three disappeared immediately faster than a speeding bullet as soon as he saw google's search on Francis Bacon. "Blip, Blop," the annoying sound of Facebook's sms stole his attention from the pig man. If only the lineage linked back to Kevin Bacon then he wouldn't care if the Pope messaged him.

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